• Assalamualaikum wbt,
• Almighty God who created everything. Everything is visible and invisible created by Allah SWT. Almighty God created the creature is to test for man to know God Almighty. Almighty God made all creatures with qudrat Allah SWT. Dead and live all in the hands of Allah SWT. Circumstances that form between life and death all who realize the Almighty God. What applies in all living beings depend on the qudrat Allah SWT. What form of all of Allah SWT, the human endeavor qudrat also from Allah SWT and not human effort.
• Establishment of life and destruction, the good, the bad rather than relying on creatures or asbab but depends qudrat Allah SWT. By that Allah SWT has conductivity prophets and apostles to hang the man that lived life follow the will of Allah SWT. That was all 124 thousand prophets and messengers were sent to this earth to call people to believe in Allah SWT. So it went on Prophet Muhammad's mission.
• Baginda SAW call that all the circumstances that shape come than qudrat Allah SWT. What are valid and are valid and what is going to apply everything comes from Allah SWT. This missionary prophets including Prophet Muhammad that human greatness is not dependent on what is cultivated by man, but depending on what was decided by Allah SWT. Human weakness is human confident impressed with what he viewed to benefit and harm. Real impression on the benefits and harm asbab was not from the creature, but God Almighty who gives the impression. The creature can not really do anything. Maulana gave the example of light bulbs and wires letrik, in fact it can not flow out of light but it is letrik generator berpunca than letrik. That's all what we see, good and evil comes from Allah SWT qudrat. That propaganda Anbiaâ € ™ call to the substance and human qudrat Allah SWT.
• Today, when people have left propaganda, then certain people and the people have corrupt minds. All this berpunca than perbicaraan wrong and no longer talk about the greatness of Allah SWT. Satan came to take us into a false didakyahkan to the case. This is the average perbicaraan Muslims around the world where they no longer talk about kebesaraan God Almighty, instead talking about the greatness of the world. With these people believe in it or asbab discussed and no longer impressed with the power and qudrat Allah SWT. By the error has been uneven throughout the world.
• The life of man is not tebentuk of property, but human life terbina with faith and charity. For the safety and security efforts of faith should be held, where people will really think of the substance and qudrat Allah SWT. Almighty God who cares for all creatures including the provision of ourselves. In the guidance of faith, do not mix, stir the greatness of God with ghairullah (other than God).
• Through the missionary efforts of Allah SWT will develop guidance to the whole of nature. Through a human mission to the greatness of Allah SWT, Allah SWT will include faith in the person who talked about the greatness of Allah SWT. Similarly, if we dakwahkan pure life of the Prophet Muhammad, the man who will be Taufik Hidayat to practice the Sunnah-Sunnah Nabi SAW, and the Sunnah of life will spread. By that we need to establish faith in order to form an atmosphere of faith not only in our marhalah but in the whole of nature.
• If we leave this world in which people turn jazbah Prophet effort, then we would be woken in the next day with the Prophet Muhammad. By the principle of work we need to try to work the Prophet. Work Prophet did not need possessions and objects but the desire in the heart. Make concerns and we like fikir fikir troubled prophet. When talking about the greatness of Allah SWT has been a general, then Allah will bring about isti'dat kcpada all the people to practice religion overall. Allah SWT will manifest themselves throughout nature religion. By that, we need to move to make the work of nature throughout the Prophet. We need to repent meant sunggun fikir kerana not make the Prophet as we think, and do not make the purpose of life of the Prophet Muhammad as the purpose of our lives.
• We need to believe in the promise of Allah SWT. Allah SWT says that means, "O you who believe, if we help the religion of Allah, Allah will help you". God would act to follow human presumption. We need to intend to God Almighty, we need always to Allah SWT. We need to constantly hear talk of faith, need to give the decision to bring work to the whole nature of the Prophet until the end of our life.
• (Reprinted than parrots dawn Uspra Maulana Ismail, astral conjunction 'Tongi 2002.)


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