Da'wah is the backbone of the religion. All of the Prophet as. Scaled in the world to preach. With the beginning of his form dakwahlah religion. Prophet Muhammad himself has pointed out its struggle in preaching, as did the Companions ra. Struggle and the sacrifices he has been profiled in many books. Almost all the time, treasure, and even themselves out in use to fight religion. With the struggle and sacrifice for the Messenger of God, who then continue the companions ra, Islam has become the biggest revolution in human peradapan. Revolution includes a variety of areas, including ethics and moral revolution that makes the best society that ever existed. Islam at that time had shown his authority to become the best in the world segani. Al-Quran and hadith has been mentioned about the importance of preaching and sermons. Enforcement efforts greatly affect the mission and the deterioration of human progress. Many regions / countries that used to boom with his Islamic teachings mark now lives alone. This happens because of lack of concern for the people to practice religion and the effort.

Shaykh Muhammad Ilyas rah.a one of the characters who understand the ideals and struggles of the Prophet and his companions may Allah be pleased to feel a deep concern for human indifference to religion. Moreover, the state mewat (India) which he saw at that time away from religion. That added to worries and pain in his heart which then tried to find a solution to change the mood and state of society on the basis mewat his love for Muslims. He tried to re-establish the mission of business interests and invest in human understanding of the importance of preaching to the try as it has been in demand by religion, and that every individual has a sense of responsibility to promote religion. Finally he sent a missionary group from the mewat to move in order to practice the Islamic life and cultivate the missionary effort as well as business amar nahi ma'ruf evil in society. And to practice the expense of property, self and time for religion.

History has witnessed how much influence that the missionary movement re-established by Shaykh Muhammad Ilyas rah.a. And has become undeniable fact contributed to the movement of preaching and sermons as well as improvement efforts in raising people imaniyah sentence at the end of the 20th century this. Thus becomes higher the religious interests above other interests and business interests of religion over other businesses. Then the people in droves to give priority to charity than the mall (property), turn-Sunna and the Sunna-adab adab nabawiyah and prepare yourself to be religious warriors, at the expense of property and themselves in the way of Allah (expected solely keridhaa His).

Because taufik and inayah from God Almighty. alone, the business of preaching and sermons has now spread to all over the world. It is Allah who helps businesses and God's mission terswebut power to devastated. At this time can see how many people are out in droves in the way of God into every corner, even to every remote corner of the township with the spirit, intention, means and goals similar to spread religion, guidance and peace. Every day there is always a crowd or party that continues mission sent to various regions. They always religious mendakwahkan day and night, reminding people that there is no way to happiness except the practice of religion. Their goal is to improve ourselves and to the religion which has been scaled back to a perfect God Almighty can form kehidupun Muslims in all of nature (especially in self da'wah workers themselves). So all the villages in the whole of nature can live as Medina al-munawarah in the era of the Prophet. The mosques, all of nature can live Nabawi mosque as life in the era of the Prophet. And that people understand the importance of religious work than working on the material.

None of the remaining sections of the community in welcoming the call to mission, from scholars, Hufadz Koran, students, ordinary people, the poor, conglomerates, intellectuals, businessmen, officials, the city, village people, until the former thugs. Practice and has been on people in all parts of the world. Thanks to the efforts of preaching and sermons have been many people whose lives are becoming brighter dark, many people returning from kemaksiatannya repentance. In this business as if the difference tribe, language, country, social status becomes blurred and then sit tight as the end times people who have a responsibility to continue the prophetic. Fikir unite together and help each other in religious fighting was in severe pain override this. This is also evidence that the propaganda was effective to strengthen the unity of the people and avoid divisions.

This missionary practice has moved and evolved in Africa such as Morocco, Al-Jazair, Tunis, and Libya. This mission also practice moving and growing in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Albania, England and America. Also in the Middle East such as Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and the Arab countries another, as well as in the country where the origin of these businesses grow, namely India. Currently more than 240 countries have been living this mission practices.

Business propaganda and sermons that can grow well even in western countries who are the minority of Islamic (such as the United States, Europe, Australia etc). With missionary effort because there, the banner of Islam flying increasingly high. There more people dared to reveal the Islamannya. People increasingly are proud to use attributes such as the turban and the Sunnah ghamis. Even many people who eventually converted to Islam propaganda efforts such asbab.

A great effort, and world-scale international caliber would invite a big reaction. Various spotlight and criticism coming from all directions, There is a supportive, sympathetic, encouraging and loving. There is also a hated, and to obstruct. This is natural, almost all updates are always in conflict accompanied. But the fact remains, anyone involved directly in the missionary work will arise jazbah (spirit) to practice the religion. And the spirit comes to mendakwahkan religion to others.

About the origin of the name "Tablighi Jamaat", basically there is no official naming of this missionary work, proselytizing and the beginning of the movement also had no special name. The emergence of a "Jama'ah Tabligh" materialize naturally, as if the people selling fish then people will call it "Fish Seller" or if the people selling fruit then people will call her "carpenter fruit".

In profiled that Maulana Muhammad Ilyas rah.a. when he began preaching sermons activities says, "I do not give any name to this effort. But, if I gave him the name, of course I call it 'the movement of faith' ". He realized that giving a specific name on this activity is making a new grouping in the ummah. There are people who are members and non-members. While preaching and sermons is a religious charities such as prayer, fasting, dhikr, and so on. As in other devotions no grouping and membership (eg expert group prayer, fasting expert, etc.) so do the preaching and sermons. Besides this, preaching is the responsibility of each individual to this ummah which they exert no exception. When in the form of a missionary group, would have the impression that the mission is the task of preaching the group members only. With a variety of considerations that Maulana Ilyas did not give the name of preaching sermons business.

In fact, in many parts of Indonesia have people as different. For example pilgrims Hospitality, Cuba, jaulah, khuruj, osamah, jama'ah tholib, some even calling worshipers as they often bring a stove burner anywhere. There are also a number of da'wa activists less than happy when he called members of the congregation sermons. Da'wah and sermons are the responsibility of all people rather than job specific group of people. But the big misunderstandings, especially in Indonesia is considered the work of only a particular group. Whereas in the hope of all people taking part in this mission work as hard skills can be given.

Principle (the basis) of the missionary work is based on the deliberations of scope are divided into several levels of consultation. The greatest level of consensus of the world are usually held in 2 years. National consultation conducted usually at 4 months (Utk Indonesia), then on for longer in areas that are smaller, for example, central java deliberations usually 2 months or so, in the longer these deliberations halaqoh (region) is usually 1 week. While the smallest is the daily meeting is usually held every day at the maholla (mosque) respectively. Every worker in the mission also recommend consulting every day with families in their homes for the advancement of religion (at least the progress of religion in the family), so the family experts took part in the mission effort. In addition, there are many other deliberations-deliberations that have not been in the above mentioned because every job is always at the start with the discussion. In the meeting of the world, developments in the evaluation mission, and the talk-discipline terti be taken in the coming period. So sometimes there is a change order after the meeting.

The distribution area of the map are preaching sermons are not affected by the formal boundaries that exist in government.

Based on where the preaching is divided into two, namely intiqoli and maqomi. Intiqoli the missionary in another place or another village with a move or travel with a certain period. People in the neighborhood that would be expected to go on giving aid to missionary work that cooperation exists between the newcomers with those Tempatan, as the cooperation that exists between friend and Anshor muhajirin in Medina in the era of the Prophet. While preaching maqomi is in place each. Every worker at recommended to spend several hours each day to stay in touch with the people around their places for mendakwahkan religion. In preaching the term is also known as infirodi practices and ijtimai. Infirodi the individual practices ijtimai whereas in group (congregation). So did the preaching can also do a infirodi or ijtimai.

Workers at the mission recommended to follow the order-order and directives which agreed to run the mission, for instance when out on the path of Allah (fi khuruj Sabilillah) should reproduce ILALLAH proselytizing, wa ta'lum study groups, worship wal dhikr, and solemn. Reducing the time to eat and drink, sleep and rest, to talk in vain, out of the mosque. Facing all the difficulties with the patient. Do not mention the political issues, khilafiyah (a difference of opinion among scholars), social status, and charitable donations in preaching (when exiting). (No mention of political issues and khilafiyah because talking about it when out in the way of God can lead the debate and division among the congregation). And there are many other directions.

At the time of the Messenger of Allah, Nabawi mosque community activity center, from there in the form of congregational / group of da'wah and jihad. There is also a center of learning and teaching, worship centers and centers serving the people, so that in the business of preaching and sermons are also making the mosque as a center of missionary activity. Departure from the mosque and returned to the mosque. To a certain area in a mosque who made Markaz (Arabic for the center / center). That's where the mission workers usually do astral conjunction '(the meeting).

In the astral conjunction 'is also in the form of jama'ah-pilgrims will be sent to various places to preach. On the night of astral conjunction 'in the conduct parrot (lighting assemblies to explain the purpose and objectives of preaching and sermons). Officer parrot (mubayin) provides advice and encouragement to the congregation for religious responsibility by sacrificing some of the property, self and time, to go out in the way of Allah. Parrot in the end with the bid tasykil and persuasive to the congregation to sacrifice some wealth, self and time to get out of the way of Allah with a certain period in order mendakwahkan religion. Then people who intend to come out (fi khuruj Sabilillah) signed up to the data. There is also usually the Hayatus-read book that contains Shohabah struggle and sacrifice of the friends to religion, so that pilgrims could emulate the companions ra in practice and fight for religion. That way can also be felt that the sacrifice of the congregation have nothing compared ra-sacrifice of the friends in the defense of religion. People who have the task of reading the book should be Hayatus-Sohabah people 'Alim (learned).

Their strengths in preaching is their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of mission needs. They are willing to sacrifice some property, themselves and their time for religion to mendakwahkan island and beyond national borders. In this they were ready to preach the verbal and the abuse, it will not stop them. The relationship between the workers of this mission very closely, they have the unity of a very strong heart, in which there is love, and passion put other people (itsar). The beauty of their relationship can be viewed from ijtima'-astral conjunction 'of the inventions. This affection is not only preaching to fellow workers only. In congregation preaching constantly trying to establish good relationships with the people in the meet. In preaching on the debate and recommend avoiding preaching with wisdom and wise. The present recommended Da'i in nature okromul Muslims (Muslims glorify) primarily to scholars of the encounter.

There is no compulsion in doing business this mission. Although the Syuro masyaikh and always giving directions and advice in practice mission, but the implementation is going in Practice or not return to each individual. But it would be nice if everyone could take part in this effort. Missionary efforts are very open, everyone can take part in a propaganda effort.

The masyaikh (scholars) are also constantly remind the people who work under these propaganda efforts that the main goal in practice mission is to improve yourself (ishlah), improving others is not their primary tujun in preaching.

Missionary practices that have been in konsepkan very good and noble, but a practice run and ordinary people also come from various backgrounds. It is impossible to avoid mistakes. If the search for their shortcomings, it will find many in this fair. Among those already on duty to direct and straighten.

In reality the current condition of the people in general are far from what the Prophet wasiatkan. Many mosques in the wake, but the less memakmurkannya. Mosque is more glorious but increasingly devoid of deeds. Our youth is more proud than celebrities imitating our Prophet. We as Muslims have unknowingly carried Jewish and Christian cultures. Now religion, the one that is the cause of happiness, the glory and the glory of the afterlife is considered something that is not important that the ignored. By giving humankind a thick book and then we just hope that people mengamalkanya while they do not understand the importance of religion is a matter that is almost impossible.

Public opinion is formed from what they see, people have difficulty seeing the true Islamic life. How bermu'amalah, mu'asyaroh, morals that once the Prophet taught now gone from the Muslim community. If anyone had asked how the character of the Messenger of Allah will be on his moral responsibility is the Qur'an. But the current Islamic life as if only in the course books ......

In today's culture of materialism is very strong in people's lives, there still exists a group of people willing to sacrifice for mendakwahkan religion is a mercy from God Almighty that we should help and we are grateful. Thola'albadru'alaina mintsaniyatilwada 'wajaba syukru' alaina maada'alillahida '. (It has been a full moon rises above us came from tsaniyatul Farewell ', we must be grateful for as long as there Da'i inviting to Allah) ... ...


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